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Tawny 10-year-old Reserve

The parcel of grapes fermented to produce the Mallee Estate Reserve Tawny are specifically selected by the winemaker. In the Markeas family vineyards, the winemaker looks for well balance vines, loose bunches and sun raisin berries with the highest sugar levels. Then the winemaking can begin. Slow fermentation with 15 days on skins and fortifying spirit and hard pressing. Then the tawny is aged in old French oak barrels for 10 years of maturation. This allows for the wine to condense and become thick and rich.

This is a luscious wine. Orange gold in colour, the nose has hints of prunes, toffee and a nutty aroma. The palate is thick and delicious with walnut, caramel and a dried fruit character. This is balanced with a rich sweetness which leads to a silky finish.

$90 / bottle

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